How did you learn/get into photography ?
I started photography as a photographer one year later when a photographer whom i was working with as a model, borrowed me her Canon Camera for 2 years. After that I bought my own Fujfilm Camera and started to create photos instead of being the model. 

How does your background influence your photography ?
Modeling helped me a lot to know the angles, how to use the lights, and more important how to amplify the beauty of a person.
Acting gives me the inspiration how to bring emotion into content. 
Studying computing & engineering help me in self-learning & technical skills.

Describe your style of photography.
My style is more like a cinematic style, I love working on Photoshop to make a retouch that feel real and true. Human eyes are different from what the camera capture, so we have to give a shape to the picture. For me, It’s like carving a rock or doing gym to build your body : same material, but differents ways of showing it. 

Favourite things to photograph ?
I do landscapes, people and micro but my favourite is taking animals portraits all over the world as if they were real humans. 

What drew you to moving to Sydney ?
I was doing modeling in Paris since 5 years and I needed some fresh air, and giving me a challenge if I can start from scratch again.

Favorite spots in Sydney to photograph ?
Little Bay Beach, I know well this spot to take people portraits at sunrise. More fashion style. Love also Maroubra Beach to capture commercial products for UGC for example.

What do you like about/ what draws you to SYDMC ?
It’s totally different from What I used to see in France. I did not know the sun was 10% bigger in Australia, I was shocked one time I saw it in a earlymorning during summer. It’s like another planet with the ocean everywhere and the lights always there.
I learnt surfing here as well so I love taking beach/ocean/surf style vibes pictures.

What is your camera ?
I use my Fujifilm XT3 with a 18/35/70-200mm. I also have a GoProHero10 & a DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro.

What do you use for post-production ?
Premiere Pro CC 2023, Photoshop CC 2023, Affinity Photo 2022. InShot on mobile for socials.