I’m a 31 years professional photographer, model & actor based currently in Sydney.
My work is about offering photography & video quality production.

Born in Lille (France) in the 90’s, I spent my childhood drawing & playing video games before being graduated as an engineer in 2014.
At that time, I was fortunate to be able to work both as a model and a computing & business engineer.

In 2018, I chose to quit my job to become a model full time. I lived in Paris for 4 years and I worked with many brands essentially commercial but also in the fashion industry like Chanel.

Acting was always an art that get my interest so I started study theater for 2 years at Laboratoire de l’Acteur of Hélène Zidi.
I had the opportunity to play the main role of Tom in Influences, a french TV show in 2021.

Photography has always been a big part of my life. I bought my first Fujifilm camera in 2019 to start creating quality content.

My main side-interests are playing the guitar, riding my motorbike, sports mainly gym-surfing-running, History, video games, science-fiction and philosophy.

I am in pursue to live this life right.